• Athiti Devo Bhava
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    A trusted name in residence service
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    Oval Lounge Bar, Rajarhat
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    Over 10,000+ Satisfied Customers
Next Generation is a trusted name in residence service.

At Next Generation is a trusted name in residence service industry for over last six years. Not just staying but you will experience the exotic ambience with a luxury living. We have in-depth understanding of our clientele base and by recognition to the importance of fulfilling individual's need in today's fast-paced lifestyle. We value our customer and believe that Atithi Devo Bhavah..


50+ luxury rooms are ready with well trained and educated staff for your personalized service.

Guest Houses

Next Generation is one of the largest corporate staying solution company in eastern India. In 5 year more than 40 corporate and other clients as well as more than 10,000 guests have experienced our eminent service.

Facilities at Sector V

Accomodation Facilities also to Sector V, Starting at Rs. 3000/-.

Suites at Rs. 4000 /- (plus tax)

Oval Lounge Bar

Oval Lounge Bar, Rajarhat, Kolkata is our sister concern.

Special discounts at Oval for our guests.

Our Clients